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Straightening Perms

With today's market, there are so many different types of straighteners and relaxers, we recommend a straightener to remove thickness @the root area and it will leave the hair supple and soft, the active ingredient is thioglycolate.

Colour Mapping

We place more than one colour on hair in a unique way to suit your hairstyle and the tones will complement your skin colour.


Is a process where you gather information from your client understand their goals for their hair/skin and recommend the correct in -salon service and home-care products.

Matric ball an special occasions up style

During the consultation process we determine what the client is wearing and choose a hairstyle, make-up and nails to complement each other.

Brazilian keratin reconstruction

it’s a phenomenal smoothing treatment, the end result is straighter, smoother, incredibly shinier, stronger, frizz free hair, which is more manageable and humidity resistant.